Amplistromatales D’souza, Maharachch. & K.D. Hyde, Fungal Divers. 72: 212 (2015)

Index Fungorum number: IF 551156; MycoBank number: MB 551156Facesoffungi number: FoF 00632;

Maharachchikumbura et al. (2015) introduced Amplistromatales (in Sordariomycetes order incertae sedis) comprising two families, Amplistromataceae and Catabotryaceae. Subsequent studies by Daranagama et al. (2017) and Hongsanan et al. (2017) accepted Amplistromatales in Sordariomycetes incertae sedis with a stem age  of 165 MYA. Hyde et al. (2017a)  proposed Catabotryaceae as a separate order based on stem age at 165 MYA. In this study, Catabotryaceae is placed in Catabotryales, and Amplistromataceae is placed in Amplistromatales with high statistical support (100% MP/100% ML/1.00 PP; Fig. 5). Catabotryales is introduced as a new order based on its stem age (172 MYA). Currently there is one family and three genera in Amplistromatales (this paper).

Figure 5 – Phylogram generated from maximum likelihood analysis based on combined LSU and ITS sequence data of Amplistromatales. Eighteen strains are included in the combined analyses which comprised 1661 characters (908 characters for LSU, 753 characters for ITS) after alignment. Ophioceras dolichostomum (CBS 114926) and O. leptosporum (CBS 894.70) are used as outgroup taxa. Single gene analyses were also carried out and the phylogenies were similar in topology and clade stability. Tree topology of the maximum likelihood analysis is similar to the Bayesian analysis. The best RaxML tree with a final likelihood value of – 6986.920872 is presented. Estimated base frequencies were as follows: A = 0.226, C = 0.264, G = 0.321, T = 0.190; substitution rates AC = 0.643764, AG = 1.471407, AT = 1.612417, CG = 0.654293, CT = 5.330856, GT = 1.000000; gamma distribution shape parameter a = 0.653797. Bootstrap support values for MP and ML greater than 55% and Bayesian posterior probabilities greater than 0.95 are given near the nodes. Ex-type strains are in bold. The newly generated sequences are indicated in blue.