Leccinellum Bresinsky & Manfr. Binder

In the family Boletaceae (Basidiomycota, Agaricomycetes, Boletales), leccinoid members (boletes with scabrous stipe surfaces) are some of the dominant ectomycorrhizal fungi that associate with coniferous and broadleaf trees in the Himalayas. Leccinellum was segregated from Leccinum to accommodate taxa with a pileipellis composed of a palisade of swollen hyphal tips and a yellow hymenophore, but not including three taxa with similar features, now belonging to Hemileccinum Šutara (Šutara 2008), based on phylogenetic evidence (Bresinsky and Besl 2003). Together, these two new genera represent Leccinum sect. Luteoscabra Singer, who separated these boletes with scabrous stipe surfaces but yellow hymenophores from the remainder of Leccinum (Singer 1947). According to Species Fungorum (www. speciesfungorum.org), 9 species are currently accepted for the genus.