The genus Austroboletus (Corner) Wolfe was established by Wolfe (1979) with the boletoid mushrooms showing the combination of striking morphological features: white to pale cream coloured tube and pore surface which gradually turn pink to pink-rose or sometimes vinaceous on bruising; lacunose to lacerate or reticulate stipe surface; spore print pink to vinaceous or purple brown to rust cinnamon, basidiospores with warted to pitted or reticulate ornamentations; ixotrichodermium or trichodermium nature of pileipellis (Wolfe 1979; Das and Dentinger 2015). According to recent phylogenetic analysis of the members of Boletaceae, this genus is placed under subfamily Austroboletoideae (Wu et al. 2014). About 30 species are reported globally (Kirk et al. 2008) in this genus.