Stephanotheca Syd. & P. Syd., Philipp. J. Sci., C, Bot. 9(2): 178 (1914)

Notes: Stephanotheca was introduced by Sydow and Sydow (1914). This genus was placed in the family Asterinaceae based on some characters being similar to species in Asterinaceae (Hyde et al. 2013). Jayawardena et al. (2014) accepted Stephanotheca in Asterinaceae even though it is atypical. We exclude Stephanotheca to genera incertae sedis in Dothideomycetes based on the morphology being atypical of species in Asterinaceae.

Type species: Stephanotheca micromera Syd. & P. Syd., Philipp. J. Sci., C, Bot. 9(2): 179 (1914)