Polyporus P. Micheli ex Adans.

            Polyporus is a well-known genus of wood rotting fungi, which produce stipitate basidiocarps with dimitic hyphal system that causes white rot (Ryvarden 1991; Ryvarden and Gilbertson 1994; Núñez and Ryvarden 1995; Sotome et al. 2007). Núñez and Ryvarden (1995) divided this genus into six infrageneric groups based on macro-morphological characters and recent phylogenetic analysis showed that Polyporus sensu lato is separated into at least five well-defined clades as follows: Dendropolyporus, Favolus, Neofavolus, Polyporellus, and Polyporus (Sotome et al. 2008; Krüger et al. 2009; Sotome et al. 2013; Binder et al. 2013; Seelan et al. 2015).