Lembosiopsis andromedae (Tracy & Earle) Theiss., Annls mycol. 11(5): 435 (1913).
≡ Lembosia andromedae Tracy & Earle, Bull. Torrey bot. Club 23(5): 207 (1896)
Type: BPI 647155.

Saprobic on dead leaves of Andromeda nitida. Sexual state: Ascomata 137–173μm diam., solitary to clustered, subcuticular, circular, slightly irregular from above, black, shiny, with a central rounded ostiole. Hamathecium lacking pseudoparaphyses. Asci 23–29(−34)×9–12μm (x = 28× 10.5μm, n=10), 8-spored, bitunicate, obclavate, tapering towards the apex, apedicellate or with short pedicel, apically rounded with a small ocular chamber. Ascospores 10–12×3– 4μm (x = 11×3μm, n=10), 2–3-seriate in the ascus, narrowly ovoid, tapering from the apex to the base, 1-septate slightly above the centre, slightly constricted at the septum, hyaline, surrounded by thin gelatinous sheath, smooth-walled. Asexual state: Unknown.

Material examined: USA, Mississippi, Biloxi, on leaves of Andromeda nitida Bartram & Marshall (Ericaceae), 26 May 1895, S.M. Tracy and F.S Earle 4005 (BPI 647155, holotype).

Fig. 1 Lembosiopsis andromedae (BPI 647155, holotype). a Material label and specimen. b Ascomata on host surface. c Squash mount of ascoma showing peridial wall. d, e Asci. f, g Ascospores. Scale bars: b, c=100μm, d, e=20μm, f, g=20μm