Annulohypoxylon Y.M. Ju, J.D. Rogers & H.M. Hsieh, Mycologia 97(4): 855 (2005)

MycoBank number: MB 500298; Index Fungorum number: IF 500298; Facesoffungi number: FoF 02983; 62 morphological species (Wendt et al. 2018), 35 species with sequence data.

Type speciesAnnulohypoxylon truncatum (Starbäck) Y.M. Ju, J.D. Rogers & H.M. Hsieh.

NotesAnnulohypoxylon was introduced to accommodate Hypoxylon sect. Annulata sensu Ju & Rogers (1996). Kuhnert et al. (2017) provided a concise revision of the genus and described several additional species based on molecular phylogenetic and chemotaxonomic evidence. Based on a multigene genealogy, Jackrogersella was segregated from Annulohypoxylon (Kuhnert et al. 2017). Jackrogersella is characterised by papillate ostioles and its species produce azaphilones of the cohaerin type as predominant stromatal metabolites, while stromata of Annulohypoxylon sensu stricto mostly have ostioles encircled by an annulated disc and lack azaphilones but contain binaphthalenes as major stromatal metabolites (Wendt et al. 2018).