Ramariopsis (Donk) Corner

A genus among the clavarioid fungi that comprises 44 species distributed worldwide. The species have variously coloured, branched or rarely simple basidiomata; hyaline, ellipsoid or subglobose, finely verruculose or echinulate basidiospores, and tramal hyphae and basidia with clamp connections (Corner 1950, 1970). The species are terrestrial, rarely lignicolous, solitary or gregarious (Corner 1950, 1970; Petersen 1978). Garcı ´a-Sandoval et al. (2005) considered Ramariopsis sensu Corner (1950, 1970) as a monophyletic group, limiting their species to those with branched basidiomata, echinulate basidiospores and cyanophilous spore ornamentation derived from the tunica. According to Birkebak et al. (2013), the circumscriptions of Ramariopsis sensu Corner (1950, 1970) and Petersen (1978) were not supported.