Neotruncatella Hyang B. Lee & T.T.T. Nguyen, gen. nov., Indexfungorum number: 817422

Etymology: The genus name ‘‘Neotruncatella’’ refers to the similarity with Truncatella

Endophyte of Abies firma. Sexual morph Undetermined. Asexual morph Conidiomata globose to subglobose, black. Conidiogenous cells hyaline, ampulliform to subcylindrical, formed from the inner cells of the peridial wall. Conidia fusiform with rounded ends, yellow to yellowish-brown at maturity, mostly 3-septate; apical appendages short.

Type species: Neotruncatella endophytica Hyang B. Lee, P.M. Kirk, K.D. Hyde, S.S.N. Maharachch., & T.T.T.


    • Neotruncatella endophytica