Inonotus P. Karst.

Inonotus, typified by I. hispidus (Bull.) P. Karst., is one of the largest genera within the Hymenochaetaceae; in a wide
Fungal Diversity sense, this genus, accommodating more than 100 species, is distinct from other genera in Hymenochaetaceae by its annual, non-stipitate or rarely laterally stipitate basidiocarps, poroid hymenophores and a monomitic hyphal system (Ryvarden 2005). According to phylogenetic results, four narrowly defined genera segregated from Inonotus sensu lato, viz. Inocutis Fiasson & Niemelä, Inonotopsis Parmasto, Mensularia Lázaro Ibiza, Onnia P. Karst., are accepted, whereas some species with perennial basidiocarps and/or a dimitic hyphal system were also transferred to Inonotus (Wagner and Fischer 2002; Dai2010; Wu et al. 2012; Vlasák et al. 2013). Recently, Zhou (2015) introduced a monotypic genus Cylindrosporus L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai for species previously belonging to Inonotus, while Zhou et al. (2016) segregated Sanghuangporus Sheng H. Wu, L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai and Tropicoporus L.W. Zhou, Y.C. Dai & Sheng H. Wu from Inonotus and proposed that the remain species in Inonotus still have polyphyletic origins (Zhou et al. 2016).