Fomitopsis P. Karst.

            Fomitopsis includes species with basidiomata sessile to effused-reflexed, rarely annual to perennial, varying from white to purple, and di- to trimitichyphal system with clamped generative hyphae. The basidiospores are smooth and hyaline, thin-walled, ranging from subglobose to cylindrical (Gilbertson and Ryvarden 1986; Ryvarden and Gilbertson 1993; Dai 2012). It is a cosmopolitan genus, causing brown rot in the substrates, and several species were used as biological models in genetic analyses, as well as ecological, biotechnological and taxonomic studies (Högberg et al. 1999; Chlebicki et al. 2003; Aime et al. 2007; Watanabe et al. 2010).