Fenestella Tul. & C. Tul., Select. fung. carpol. (Paris) 2: 207 (1863).

MycoBank number: MB 1983; Index Fungorum number: IF 1983; Facesoffungi number: FoF 00576; 28 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 8 species with molecular data.

Type speciesFenestella princeps Tul. & C. Tul., Select. fung. carpol. (Paris) 2: 207 (1863).

NotesFenestella was introduced by Tulasne & Tulasne (1863), typified by F. princeps. Phookamsak & Hyde (2015) maintained the monotypic genus Fenestella in Fenestellaceae due to the lack of a modern taxonomic description of the genus and limited molecular data. Wanasinghe et al. (2017d) introduced two new taxa to F. ostryae (Parafenestella ostryae) and F. mackenziei (Parafenestella faberi). With the morphological and molecular evidence, they transferred Fenestella to Cucurbitariaceae and Fenestellaceae was synonymized under Cucurbitariaceae. See Jaklitsch & Voglmayr (2020) for most updated details. Pleurostromella is treated as an asexual morph of Fenestella, thus it is reduced to a synonym of Fenestella.


  • Fenestella princeps