Asterinema Bat. & Gayão, Anais IV Congr. Soc. bot. Brasil: 160 (1953)

Type species: Asterinema caseariae Bat. & Gayão, Anais IV Congr. Soc. bot. Brasil: 160 (1953)

Notes: This genus was transferred to Asterinaceae byWu et al. (2011). The superficial hyphae have one-celled appressoria, the thyriothecia open by an irregular central ostiole, while ascospores are conglobate as in Asterinaceae. The asci however, lie horizontally from the outer rim inclined towards the central ostiole and are cylindro-clavate, characters typical of Microthyriaceae. Since the genus has characters that are typical of Asterinaceae and Microthyriaceae, the genus is place in Dothideomycetes genera incertae sedis until recollected and subjected to molecular data.