Sordariales Chadef. ex D. Hawksw. & O.E. Erikss., Syst. Ascom. 5(1): 182 (1986)
Sordariales was established by Hawksworth & Eriksson (1986) and clarified by Huhndorf et
al. (2004b) based on LSU sequences analysis. Chaetomiaceae, Sordariaceae and Lasiosphaeriaceae
are accommodated in this order and taxa are characterized by cleistothecial or perithecial ascomata
and hyaline or brown ascospores often with appendages or sheaths (Huhndorf et al. 2004b, Kruys et
al. 2015, Maharachchikumbura et al. 2016b, Huang et al. 2019). Sordariales members cluster in a
clade with Boliniales, Chaetosphaeriales and Phyllachorales (Hongsanan et al. 2017, Hyde et al.
2017a). The traditionally defined Chaetomiaceae and Lasiosphaeriaceae were found to be
polyphyletic (Huhndorf et al. 2004b, Kruys et al. 2015, Wang et al. 2016a). Some members of
Lasiosphaeriaceae, Triangularia, Cladorrhinum and Podospora, were placed in a new family
Podosporaceae (Wang et al. 2019a). In this study, Chaetomiaceae, Podosporaceae,
Lasiosphaeriaceae (I, II, III), and Sordariaceae form a distinct lineage. However, more
data is needed to determine the phylogenetic affinities of this order. The divergence time for
Sordariales is estimated as 128 MYA. Currently there are four families and 89 genera in
this order (Hyde et al. 2020).