Thyridiaceae J.Z. Yue & O.E. Erikss., Syst. Ascom. 6(2): 233 (1987).

MycoBank number: MB 82030; Index Fungorum number: IF 82030; Faceoffungi number: FoF 01913;

Phialemoniopsidaceae K.D. Hyde & Hongsanan, [as Phialemoniopsaceae] Fungal Divers. 107: 95 (2021).

Type genus. Thyridium Nitschke, Pyrenomyc. Germ. 1: 110 (1867).

Notes. Phialemoniopsidaceae is considered a synonym of Thyridiaceae because Phialemoniopsis, the type genus of Phialemoniopsidaceae, was revealed congeneric with Thyridium and is placed in the synonymy of the latter genus in this study. The type genera of both families, that is, Thyridium and Phialemoniopsis, share many morphological features in their asexual states, as noted below.