Neoantennariellaceae Abdollahz. & Crous, fam. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 833165; Index Fungorum number: IF 833165; Facesoffungi number: FoF12736;

Etymology: Name refers to the genus Neoantennariella.

Mycelium superficial or immersed, pale brown to brown, branched, consisting of smooth, thin-walled, septate hyphae, constricted at septa, with a mucilaginous outer wall layer. Pycnidia superficial or immersed, mostly globose or cylindrical, pale to dark brown, intercalary, lateral or terminal on erect hyphal branches. Ostiole absent, or not well-developed, mostly releasing conidia by means of irregular rupture. Conidia hyaline, aseptate, ellipsoid to ovoid, with minute guttules, smooth, thin-walled.

Type genus: Neoantennariella Abdollahz. & Crous

Notes: Neoantennariellaceae was introduced by Abdollahzadeh et al. (2020) to accommodate three genera (Fumiglobus, Neoantennariella and Neoasbolisia) which was typified by the monotypic genus Neoantennariella. Species of these three genera are saprobic and have globose to subglobose, cylindrical or pyriform pycnidia developing from intercalary, lateral or terminal on erect hyphal branches. According to the multigene phylogeny (LSU, TEF-1α and RPB2) using both RAxML and Bayesian analyses, Fumiglobus, Neoantennariella and Neoasbolisia species clustered together separately from the Readerielliopsidaceae clade.