Neoantennariella Abdollahz. & Crous, gen. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB833166; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11064

Etymology: Name reflects its morphological similarity to the genus Antennariella.

Mycelium superficial or immersed, pale brown to brown, branched, consisting of smooth, thin-walled, septate hyphae, constricted at septa, with a mucilaginous outer wall layer. Pyc- nidia superficial or immersed, mostly globose or cylindrical, pale to dark brown, mostly intercalary, lateral or terminal on erect hyphal branches. Ostiole absent, or not well-developed, mostly releasing conidia by means of irregular rupture. Conidia hyaline, aseptate, ellipsoid to ovoid, with minute guttules, smooth, thin- walled.

Type species: Neoantennariella phylicae Abdollahz. & Crous

Note: –  Morphologically similar to Antennariella (see Hughes 1976, fig. 11), but different in conidiomatal and conidium morphology.