Racodiales Abdollahz. & Crous, in Abdollahzadeh, Groenewald, Coetzee, Wingfield & Crous, Stud. Mycol. 95: 393 (2020)

MycoBank number: MB 833149; Index Fungorum number: IF 833149; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11516;

Etymology: Name refers to the genus Racodium.

Thallus filamentous, of elongated, straight hyphae, longitudinally arranged, in close association with photobiont, not corticate, dark brown to black, forming wefts or circular patches, margin not delimited; hyphae 4– 7 per photobiont filament, straight and parallel, unbranched, non-nodulose. Ascomata and conidiomata not known (Smith et al. 2009).

Type genus: Racodium Fr.

Notes: The typification of Racodium Fr. (based on R. rupestre Pers.) was discussed by Hawksworth et al. (2011). Based on the sequences included here, Racodium (Racodiaceae Link) represents an undescribed order.