Plurispermiopsis Pereira-Carv., Inácio & Dianese, in Pereira-Carvalho, Inácio & Dianese, Mycologia 102(5): 1163 (2010)

Index Fungorum number: IF515215

Type species: Plurispermiopsis cerradensis Pereira-Carv., Inácio & Dianese.

Species similar to Capnodium, but Asci 64-spored and ascospores with 1-2 septa. Colonies and mycelium superficial. Hyphae septate, branched, cylindrical or monilioid, sub-straight. Ascomata ostiole, superficial, unilocular, globose or pulviniform. Asci clavate, bitunicate, aparaphysate, approximately 64-spored. Ascospores hyaline, 1-2 septate, but rarely 3-septate.

Notes: The shape of the ascoma of Plurispermiopsis is different from other capnodiaceous members, and it doesn’t show mycelium with a mucous layer. None of the genera in Capnodiaceae show species with glabrous ascomata containing asci with up to 64 hyaline, short-appendiculate, 1-2 (rarely 3) septate. The genus is absolutely distinct from members of the validated genera of the Capnodiaceae (Pereira-Carvalho et al. 2010).


Pereira-Carvalho, R.C., Inácio, C.A., Dianese, J.C. 2010. Plurispermiopsis: a new capnodiaceous genus from tha Brazilian Cerrado. Mycologia 102(5): 1163-1166.


  • Plurispermiopsis cerradensis