Phialophora verrucosa Medlar, Mycologia 7(4): 203 (1915), Figure 30, Figure 31

For synonyms see Index Fungorum

MycoBank number: MB 214996;Index Fungorum number: IF 214996; Facesoffungi number: FoF 10440;

Figure 30 Phialophora verrucosa (a, b CBS 281.35, c, e dried culture of Conant 204 (FH), d. f type material (FH), redrawn from Schol-Schwarz 1970). a Proliferating conidiophore with conidia. b Chlamydospore with muzzle-like protuberance. c Anastomosis of chlamydospores. d Chlamydospores. e Conidia. f Moniliform hypha with terminal phialide. Scale bars: a–c, e, f = 10 µm, d = 5 µm.

Figure 31  Phialophora verrucosa (redrawn from Ajello and Runyon 1953). a Conidiophore. b Intercalary development of “perithecial initial”. c Early stage of cellular multiplication. d Multi-celled terminal “perithecial” initial.