Paramonodictys N.G. Liu, K.D. Hyde & J.K. Liu, Fungal Divers (2020).

MycoBank number: MB 557092; Index Fungorum number: IF 557092; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06709; 1 morphological species (Hyde et al. 2020b), 1 species with molecular data.

Type speciesParamonodictys solitarius N.G. Liu, K.D. Hyde & J.K. Liu (2020).

NotesParamonodictys is a monotypic genus which is known by only its hyphomycetous asexual morph. The genus is characterized by subcylindrical or truncated-cone-formed stroma, monoblastic conidiogenous cells and solitary, dictyosporous, muriform, globose or subglobose, olivaceous brown to dark brown conidia. The type Paramonodictys solitarius, is resemblances Monodictys in morphological features. However, it produces conidia directly from stroma and this is different from all other known monodictys-like species (Hyde et al. 2020b).