Mycocalicium Vain., Acta Soc. Fauna Flora fenn. 7(no. 2): 182 (1890)

Index Fungorum number: IF3311; Facesoffungi number: FoF 15500

Note – The genus was introduced by Vainio (1890) to accommodate species from Calicium which are not lichenized. Schmidt (1970) emended the generic concepts in the Mycocaliciaceae, thus characterized Mycocalicium as having non-septate spores, short asci, periclinal hyphae in the ascoma stalk, and an evenly thickened ascus apex. However with the discovery of more species this characterization was not consistent and a delimitation of Mycocalicium from Phaeocalicium and Chaenothecopsis as suggested by Schmidt was not reliable (Angeles Vinuesa et al. 2001). There are 52 epithets listed in Mycocalicium (Index Fungorum 2015).