Kalmanago T. Denchev, Denchev, Kemler & Begerow, gen. nov.

Index Fungorum number: IF 557798; Facesoffungi Number: FoF

Etymology: — The genus is named in honour of Dr Kálmán Vánky (1930–), in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the taxonomy of the smut fungi in general, and to the genus Bauerago in particular. The name is derived from Kalman and Ustil-ago.

Description: — Members of the Microbotryaceae R.T. Moore. Infection systemic. Sori destroying seeds of infected plants in the Commelinaceae and filling the capsules with a powdery, reddish brown to very dark reddish brown spore mass; peridium and columellae absent. Spores solitary, mainly globose and subglobose, yellowish brown to dark reddish brown; spore wall reticulate. Sterile cells lacking between the spores. Spore germination (after Duran & Safeeulla 1968; Ingold 1989b) results in two-celled phragmobasidium; basidium cells neither fuse nor form sporidia; each cell producing a long, unbranched hypha.

Type species: — Kalmanago commelinae (Kom.) Denchev, T. Denchev, Kemler & Begerow.