Hispidicarpomycetaceae Nakagiri, Mycologia 85(4): 649 (1993)

Index Fungorum number: IF 81958; Facesoffungi number: FoF01098; 1 species.

Parasitic on a marine alga. Sexual morph: Ascomata superficial, solitary to gregarious, ostiolate, apapillate. Peridium composed of three-layers: outer layer with thick-walled, short hyphal projections, brown to dark brown, middle layer of light brown to dark brown, thick-walled hyphal, flattened cells of textura epidermoidea, and an inner layer of pale brown, thin-walled, flattened cells of textura epidermoidea, lining the whole ascomatal venter. Paraphyses septate branched. Asci 8-spored, unitunicate, thin-walled, clavate to pyriform, deliquescing early and lacking an apical ring. Ascospores hyaline, ellipsoid to elliptic-fusiform, unicellular, lacking appendages or a sheath, overlapping. Reproductive state of brown hyphae, Spermodochia composed of a mass spermatiosphores. Spermatiosphores, verticilliate, asymmetrical penicilliate-like, brown at the base, paler and hyaline towards the apex. Stipes septate, branched, brown at the base. Spermatia cylindrical, unicellular, hyaline. Trichogynes septate, cylindrical, brown.

Type genusHispidicarpomyces Nakagiri

Notes – Hispidicarpomycetaceae is a monotypic family that was introduced to include a marine ascomycete, Hispidicarpomyces galaxauricola (Nakagiri 1993). Previously, Hispidicarpomycetaceae was referred to as Spathulosporales by Nakagiri (1993). However, phylogenetic studies by Inderbitzin et al. (2004) placed Spathulospora (S. adelpha, S. antartica) in Lulworthiales. Consequently, the affinity of Spathulospora within the Lulworthiales raises the question as to the phylogenetic position of Hispidicarpomycetaceae. Maharachchikumbura et al. (2015) accepted the taxonomic placement of Hispidicarpomycetaceae within Spathulosporales. Cultures and sequences are unavailable for this family, and consequently, a generic revision is needed for the family.