Hispidicarpomyces Nakagiri, Mycologia 85(4): 639 (1993)

Index Fungorum number: IF 26466; MycoBank number: MB 26466Facesoffungi number: FoF 02110; 1 morphological species.

Type speciesHispidicarpomyces galaxauricola Nakagiri

NotesHispidicarpomyces introduced by Nakagiri (1993) is a monotypic genus that shares similar morphological features with Spathulospora. There is no sequence data available for this genus; therefore, further taxon sampling is essential to determine its phylogenetic position within the Ascomycota (Jones et al. 2015, 2019).

Hispidicarpomyces galaxauricola is similar to members of Spathulospora in morphology and parasitism on marine red algae (Kohlmeyer 1973, Kohlmeyer & Kohlmeyer 1979). However, they are different in that H. galaxauricola has true hyphae growing throughout the algal frond in contrast to those of Spathulospora spp. with reduced-hyphoid (Kohlmeyer 1973). Further, intracellular invasion into the algal cell by an infection peg and formation of intracellular crusts can be seen in Spathulospora species, but H. galaxauricola showed only intercellular infection (Nakagiri 1993).

Figure 120 Hispidicarpomyces galaxauricola (Material examined – JAPAN, O-ura, Shimoda, 2 June 1990, IFO H-12135, holotype). a Herbarium material of Hispidicarpomyces galaxauricola. b Microslides. c Ascomata on host surface. d Section through ascoma. e Peridium. f Short hyphal projections arising from outer layer of peridium. g-j Ascospores. k, l Branching spermatiophores. m Penicilliate phialides of spermatiophores. Scale bars: c = 500 μm, d = 50 μm, e, f, k = 20 μm, l-m = 10 μm, g-j = 5 μm.


  • Hispidicarpomyces galaxauricola