Furfurella Voglmayr & Jaklitsch, Persoonia 42: 237 (2019)

MycoBank  number: MB 829925; Index Fungorum number: IF 829925; Facesoffungi number: FoF 13134; 3 species with sequence data.

Type speciesFurfurella stromatica Voglmayr & Jaklitsch

NotesFurfurella was introduced by Voglmayr et al. (2019a) to accommodate F. luteostiolata, F. nigrescens and F. stromatica (type species). Furfurella species are associated with dead branches of fabaceous plants in the Mediterranean basin (Voglmayr et al. 2019a). The genus is characterised by erumpent pseudostromata with bright yellow, yellow-green to turquoise scurfs, clavate to cylindrical asci and allantoid, aseptate ascospores.


  • Furfurella stromatica