Phaeodiaporthe Petr. Annls mycol. 17(2/6): 99 (1920)

MycoBank number: MB 3906; Index Fungorum number: IF 3906; Facesoffungi number: FoF 04183; 1 morphological species.

Type speciesPhaeodiaporthe appendiculata (G.H. Otth) Lar.N. Vassiljeva

NotesPhaeodiaporthe was introduced based on P. keissleri and Petrak (1921) recognized it as a synonym of Diaporthe appendiculata. Voglmayr & Jaklitsch (2014) epitypified P. appendiculata and synonymized P. keissleri under P. appendiculata. The genus is characterised by large brown ascospores.


  • Phaeodiaporthe appendiculata