Cryphognomonia C.M. Tian & N. Jiang, gen. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB 829509; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Etymology: Crypho + gnomonia, referring to the cryptic stromata on hosts

Description: Pseudostromata erumpent, causing a pustulate bark surface. Cen- tral column yellowish to brownish. Stromatic zones lacking. Perithecia conspicuous, flask-shaped to spherical, umber to fuscous black, regularly scattered. Paraphyses deliquescent. Asci fusoid, 8-spored, biseriate, with an apical ring. Ascospores hyaline, clavate to cylindrical, smooth, multi-guttulate, symmetrical to asymmetrical, straight to slightly curved, bicellular, with a median septum distinctly constricted, with distinct hyaline sheath.

Asexual morph: not observed.

Type species: Cryphognomonia pini C.M. Tian & N. Jiang

Notes: – Cryphognomonia was classified as a new genus in Gnomoniaceae through- out molecular data and the characteristics of sexual morph. Morphologically, Cryphog- nomonia can be distinguished from the other genera by pseudostromata and ascospores with obvious hyaline sheath.