Botryosphaeria Ces. & De Not., Comm. Soc. crittog. Ital. 1(fasc. 4): 211 (1863).

MycoBank number: MB 635; Index Fungorum number: IF 635; Facesoffungi number: FoF 00141; 283 morphological species (Index Fungorum January, 2020), 13 species with molecular data.

SynonymsNeocylindroseptoria Thambug. & K.D. Hyde, in Thambugala, Ariyawansa, Li, Boonmee, Hongsanan, Tian, Singtripop, Bhat, Camporesi, Jayawardena, Liu, Xu, Chukeatirote & Hyde, Fungal Diversity 68, 125 (2014)

Type speciesBotryosphaeria dothidea (Moug.) Ces. & De Not.

Notes – Botryosphaeria was introduced by Cesati and De Notaris (1863). Species in Botryosphaeria, based on the type species B. dothidea, are characterised by ascospores that are hyaline and aseptate, although they can become pale brown and septate with age (Shoemaker 1964; Sivanesan 1984; Denman et al. 2000; Alves et al. 2004; Phillips et al. 2005; Jayawardena et al. 2018).