Agaricus Linnaeus., Sp. pl. 2: 1171 (1753), Index Fungorum number: IF 17030

Type species: Agaricus campestris L. [as ‘campester’], Sp. pl. 2: 1173 (1753)

 Agaricus L. is the type genus of Agaricaceae and comprises around 500 species and has a worldwide distribution (Chen et al. 2017). This genus contains five subgenera and 20 sections (Zhao et al. 2016). Morphological characteristics, such as the scaled cap, free, pink or brown lamellae, presence of annulus and saprobic habitat, distinguish Agaricus from other genera. Intrageneric characteristics are odour, colour change on touching and cutting, KOH reaction and Schäffer’s reaction. Many species in this genus are commercially important, such as the edible mushroom A. bisporus (J.E. Lange) Imbach and medicinal A. subrufescens Peck.