Agaricus coccyginus M.Q. He & R.L. Zhao

Fungal Names number: FN570238 Facesoffunginumber: FoF 02035

Etymotogy: the epithet ‘coccyginus’ refers to the purple red squamules on the cap of this species.

Holotype: HMAS 275416 Macroscopical characters: Pileus 35–110 mm in diam., umbonate at disc, parabolic when young,then convex, finally plane with age; margin straight, decurved, sometimes little exceeding; surface dry, covered by appressed tiny fibrils on the whole cap, denser on the disc and broken into radially triangular squamules toward margin, purple red, brown, or reddish brown on the lighter background. lamellae free, crowded, 3–8 mm broad, white or pink at first, then grayish brown, brown finally. Context fresh, 2–6 mm thick at disc, white,turning yellowon cutting first,then reddish brown after several minutes. Annulus simple, membranous or cortinatemembranous, pendant, white, 4–10 mm in diam., smooth on both sides of surface. Stipe 64–160×4–9 (base 9–21) mm, cylindrical or slightly clavate, hollow, white, smooth or fine fibrillose below the annulus, always with rhizomorphs. Basidiome surface strongly discolouring yellow when rubbed, then reddish brown after several minutes. Odour of strong almonds. Macrochemical reaction: KOH reaction strongly yellow; Schäffer’s reaction orange. Microscopical characters: Basidiospores 5.5–6.5 (– 6.8)×4.3–4.5μm, [x=6±0.3×3.8±0.2, Q=1.4–1.8, Qm=1.6±0.1, n=20], ellipsoid to elongate, smooth, thickwalled, brown, no germ pore. Basidia 14.1–19×5.6–7.8μm, clavate, hyaline, 4-spored, smooth. Cheilocystidia 16– 60×9.2–22μm, mostly pyriform and clavate, sometimes oblong, pheropedunculate, rarely septa at base, smooth, hyaline, with yellow pigment inside. Pleurocystidia absent. Pileipellis a cutis composed of 5.9–14.5μm in diam. hyphae, smooth, cylindrical, brown, constricted at septa. Habitat: Solitary on the soil of forest.

Material examined: CHINA,Tibet, Bomi, BagaVillage, 26 July 2012, Su-ShengYu, ZRL2012485 (HMAS 275416, holotype); Tibet, Milin County, Nanyigou, Li Guang-Ping ZRL2012597 (HMAS275413,); Yunnan Province, Weixi County, 4 August 2014, He Mao-Qiang, Dai Rong-Chun, Su Sheng-Yu, ZRL2014354 (HMAS 275412,), ZRL2014364 (HMAS275414), ZRL2014415 (HMAS275420), ZRL2014430 (HMAS 254484).

Agaricus coccyginus

Agaricus coccyginus