Xyladelphia longiseta (F.A. Fernández & Huhndorf) Réblová, A.N. Mill. & Hern.-Restr., comb. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 842226; Index Fungorum number: IF 842226; Facesoffungi number: FoF;

Basionym. Chaetosphaeria longiseta F.A. Fernández & Huhndorf, Fungal Divers. 18: 28. 2005. For description and illustration, see Fernández and Huhndorf [57].

Habitat and geographical distribution: Saprobic on decaying wood of twigs and branches, known from the tropical zone of Central and South America from Costa Rica, Ecuador and Puerto Rico, and also from the subtropical zone of the USA, South Carolina [57].

Notes: Xyladelphia longiseta is the only member of the genus and a known representative of this conspicuous morphotype. It somewhat resembles Codinaea setosa [2], which differs in septate conidia without setulae. Dictyochaeta australiensis [7] can be compared with the present species, but differs in longer setae that are undulate in the upper part and shorter conidia with longer setulae.