Basidiomes. a to h Coll. MCVE 28572, MCVE 28579, MCVE 28574, MCVE 28576, MCVE 28573, MCVE 28571, MCVE 28577 (holotype), MCVE 28578, respectively, from Sardinia, Calangianus (OT), basidiomes in all stages of development, under Quercus suber, in granitic acid soil i Coll. MCVE 18361, from M. Argentario (GR), Tuscany, Centre Italy, mature basidiome under Quercus ilex, in calcareous soil j Coll. MCVE 17797, from Sardinia, Cala Gonone (NU), mature basidiome under Quercus ilex,incalcareoussoil.Scalebars: 10 mm