Wynnella subalpina Q. Zhao, Zhu L. Yang & k.D. hyde, sp. nov., Index Fungorum number: IF 551515 

Diagnosis: Rabbit-ear shaped apothecia, with a tea brown to blackish brown hymenium, a red, reddish-brown to greyish yellow receptacle surface, and a costate stipe. Paraphyses filiform 3–4 µm broad, and ascospores ellipsoid 19–23 × 10.5–12 μm.

Etymology: subalpina is proposed for its occurrence in subalpine regions in western China. 

Sexual morph: Apothecia rabbit-ear shaped, 3–6 cm high, 1–4 cm broad, hymenium glabrous, tea brown to blackish brown, blackish-brown when dry, margin rolled to hymenium when young, expanded at maturity; receptacle surface glabrous, red, reddish brown to greyish yellow, yellowish near the base. Stipe costate, glabrous, 0.5–1.5 × 0.5–2 cm, narrowing to base, light yellow to yellowish. Medullary excipulum 400–490 µm broad, of textura intricata, hyaline, composed of 2.5–5 µm broad hyphae, J. Ectal excipulum 100–150 µm broad, of textura angularis, pale yellow, lightly encrusted with pale brown crystals, end cells 30–60 × 10–20 μm, J. Asci arising from croziers, 8-spored, cylindrical to clavate, with apex rounded, 330–390 × 17–23 µm. Paraphyses filiform, 3–4 µm broad, brown, slightly short or exceeding the asci, hyaline in Melzer’s reagent, light blue in cotton blue, enlarged apex 4–6 µm broad, J. Ascospores [60/2/2, in h2o] 19–23 × 10.5–12 μm [Q = 1.32–1.58, Q = 1.47 ± 0.06)], ellipsoid, smooth-walled under the light microscope. Odor unique and strong when dried, but not detected when fresh.

Habitat and distribution: Solitary to scattered on the ground or moss, under Picea spp. forest. only known from high altitude localities in western China.

Material examined: CHINA. Tibet, riwoqe County, on road (highway 317) from riwoqe to Dingqing, 12 august 2004, Zhu L. Yang 4371 (holotype, hkaS 45750).

Additional material examined: CHINA. Tibet, riwoqe County, on road (highway 317) from riwoqe to Dingqing, 12 august 2004, Zhu L. Yang 4371 (isotype, Fh 00301682), Bomi County, on moss under Picea spp. forest, alt. 3600 m, 16 august 2014, Q. Zhao 2110 (hkaS 78940); Sichuan Province, Jiuzhaigou County, on the ground, under Picea spp forest, alt. 3000 m, 20 June 2014, Q. Zhao 2050 (hkaS 87730). 

Fig. 2. Wynnella subalpina a Typical mature specimens (a. hkaS 78940, b. hkaS 45750, hkaS 87730); d receptacle surface of pileus; e-f Asci and paraphyses (HKAS 45750); g-i Asci (HKAS 45750); j = Ascospores. Scale bars: a–c = 1 cm; c-i = 40 μm; i = 20 μm.