Wardomycopsis Udagawa & Furuya, Mycotaxon 7(1): 92 (1978)

MycoBank  number: MB 10434; Index Fungorum number: IF 10434; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06840; 8 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 7 species with sequence data.

Type speciesWardomycopsis inopinata Udagawa & Furuya

Notes – The asexual morphs are hyphomycetous saprobes. Conidiation at the early stages of Wardomycopsis resembles those of Wardomyces. However, the sexual morph of Wardomycopsis differ from those of Wardomyces, in terms of having straw-coloured, reniform to triangular ascospores with a single germ pore. Wardomycopsis species are distributed in Asia, Europe, and North America and are mainly soil-borne. The genus was accepted in Microascaceae by Ariyawansa et al. (2015), Seifert et al. (2011), Maharachchikumbura et al. (2015, 2016b), Sandoval-Denis et al. (2016a) and Wijayawardene et al. (2012, 2017a, 2018a).


  • Wardomycopsis inopinata