Wardomyces F.T. Brooks & Hansf., Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 8(3): 137 (1923)

MycoBank number: MB 10433; Index Fungorum number: IF 10433; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06839; 8 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 7 species with sequence data.

Type speciesWardomyces anomalus F.T. Brooks & Hansf.

Notes – The asexual morph is hyphomycetous and saprobic. Sexual morphs can be identified by significantly larger ascomata and dark ascospores with two germ pores (Sandoval-Denis et al. 2016a). The genus was accepted in Microascaceae by Ariyawansa et al. (2015), Seifert et al. (2011), Maharachchikumbura et al. (2015, 2016b), Sandoval-Denis et al. (2016a) and Wijayawardene et al. (2012, 2017a, 2018a).


  • Wardomyces anomalus