Uwebraunia Crous & M.J. Wingf., Mycologia 88 (3): 446 (1996).

MycoBank number: MB 27643; Index Fungorum number: IF 27643; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06646; 6 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 4 species with molecular data.

Type speciesUwebraunia juvenis Crous & M.J. Wingf., Mycologia 88 (3): 446 (1996).

NotesUwebraunia was introduced by Crous & Wingfield (1996) with mycosphaerella-like sexual morphs which are characterized by immersed, globose, unilocular, papillate, ostiolate ascomata, 8-spored, bitunicate asci, and fasciculate, ellipsoid-fusoid, 1-septate, hyaline ascospores with or without mucoid sheath. The asexual morph of Uwebraunia has ellipsoid to obclavate, 1- septate primary conidia and pyriform, aseptate secondary conidia (Li et al. 2012). Uwebraunia was treated as a synonym of Dissoconium by Seifert et al. (2011). Li et al. (2012) resurrected the generic name based on both morphology and phylogeny.


  • Uwebraunia juvenis