Ramichloridium Stahel ex de Hoog, Studies in Mycology 15: 59 (1977).

= Ramichloridium Stahel, Trop. Agric., Trin. 14: 44 (1937).

MycoBank number: MB 509273; Index Fungorum number: IF 509273; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06941; 23 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020; Zheng et al. 2020), 7 species with molecular data.

Type speciesRamichloridium apiculatum (J.H. Mill., Giddens & A.A. Foster) de Hoog, Studies in Mycology 15: 69 (1977).

Chloridium apiculatum J.H. Mill., Giddens & A.A. Foster, Mycologia 49(6): 789 (1957).

Notes – The genus is characterized by aseptate, pale brown, smooth-walled to finely verrucose, clavate or oblong to ellipsoid, or obovate to obconical conidia. Ramichloridium species have diverse lifestyles and can be saprobes, endophytes, human and plant pathogens (Arzanlou et al. 2007, Zheng et al. 2020). Marin-Felix et al. (2019) accepted only five species in Ramichloridium, i.e. R. apiculatum, R. cucurbitae, R. luteum, R. mali and R. punctatum. Zheng et al. (2020) introduced a new endophytic species, R. endophyticum, and provided a morphological comparison with similar species.


  • Ramichloridium apiculatum