Unisetosphaeria Pinnoi, E.B.G. Jones, McKenzie & K.D. Hyde, Mycoscience 44(5): 377 (2003)

MycoBank number: MB 28746; Index Fungorum number: IF 28746; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06616; 1 species without molecular data (Pinnoi et al. 2003).

Type speciesUnisetosphaeria penguinoides Pinnoi, E.B.G. Jones, McKenzie & K.D. Hyde

Notes – Pinnoi et al. (2003) introduced the monotypic genus Unisetosphaeria on submerged petiole of Eleiodoxa conferta from Sirindhorn Peat Swamp Forest in Thailand. Unisetosphaeria is characterized by pyriform, ostiolate, papillate ascomata, 8-spored, clavate, unitunicate, short pedicellate asci with a refractive, J-, apical ring, and 2-seriate, hyaline, septate ascospores (Pinnoi et al. 2003). The asexual morph of this genus is undetermined.

Figure 255 Unisetosphaeria penguinoides (Material examined – THAILAND, Narathiwat, Sirindhorn Peat Swamp Forest, on submerged petiole of Eleiodoxa conferta, June 22, 2001, A. Pinnoi, BBH9843, holotype). a Herbarium packet. b-d Ascomata on substratum. e Section of ascoma. f Asci. g-i Ascospores (redrawn from Pinnoi et al. 2003). Scale bars: b = 2000 μm, c = 500 μm, d = 200 μm, e = 100 μm, f-i = 20 μm.


  • Unisetosphaeria penguinoides