Umbrinosphaeria Réblová, Mycotaxon 71: 17 (1999)

Index Fungorum number: IF 28309; MycoBank number: MB 28309Facesoffungi number: FoF 12973; 1 species with sequence data.

Type speciesUmbrinosphaeria caesariata (Clinton & Peck) Réblová

Notes – The monotypic, sexual morph genus Umbrinosphaeria was introduced to accommodate the saprobic taxon U. caesariata, which was collected on decaying wood of Fagus sylvatica (Réblová 1999c, Réblová & Winka 2001). Species of this genus are characterised by papillate, setose ascomata, 8-spored, cylindrical asci with refractive, J-, apical ring and multi-septate, fusiform, versicoloured ascospores (Réblová 1999c, Réblová & Winka 2001).


  • Umbrinosphaeria caesariata