Triplosphaeria Kaz. Tanaka & K. Hirayama, Studies in Mycology 64: 186 (2009).

MycoBank number: MB 515255; Index Fungorum number: IF 515255; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06672; 4 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 4 species with molecular data (Tanaka et al. 2009).

Type speciesTriplosphaeria maxima Kaz. Tanaka & K. Hirayama, Studies in Mycology 64: 188 (2009).

NotesTriplosphaeria was introduced to accommodate species with Massarina-like sexual morph and Tetraploa-like asexual morph. Sexual morph of Triplosphaeria is characterized by subglobose ascomata with none to short beak, fissitunicate, 8-spored, cylindrical to clavate, short- stalked asci, and fusiform, 1-septate, hyaline ascospores with entire sheath. Its asexual morph has micronematous conidiophores, monoblastic conidiogenous cells, and ovoid to obpyriform, brown conidia with 3 setose appendages and conidia composed of 3 columns with distosepta (Tanaka et al. 2009).