Trematosphaeria Fuckel, Jb. Nassau. Ver. Naturk. 23–24: 161 (1870).

MycoBank number: MB 5522; Index Fungorum number: IF 5522; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08379; 86 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 6 species with molecular data.

Type speciesTrematosphaeria pertusa Fuckel, Jahrbücher des Nassauischen Vereins für Naturkunde 23-24: 161 (1870).

NotesTrematosphaeria pertusa, is characterized by semi-immersed to erumpent ascomata, cellular pseudoparaphyses, cylindric-clavate asci, and fusiform, 1-septate reddish brown to dark brown ascospores (Clements & Shear 1931, Boise 1985a, b, Zhang et al. 2008a). No asexual morph connection is known in Trematosphaeria (Boise 1985a, Phookamsak et al. 2014c). Phoma or Aposphaeria have been reported as an asexual morph of the genus from cultural studies of T. heterospora. However, T. heterospora is now placed in Lophiostoma (Barr 1992b). A zalerion-like asexual morph was reported for Hadrospora with conidia being produced on PDA after 4 months (Tanaka & Harada 2003a). Jones et al. (2009b), however, treated Zalerion maritima, as the asexual morph of Lulwoana (Lulworthiales). However, Tanaka et al. (2015) reported a spermatial morph with subglobose, hyaline spermatia in a culture obtained from Trematosphaeria pertusa.