Thailandiomyces Pinruan, Sakay., K.D. Hyde & E.B.G. Jones, Fungal Divers. 29: 91 (2008)

MycoBank number: MB 511583; Index Fungorum number: IF 511583; Facesoffungi number: FoF 04326; 1 species with sequence data.

Type speciesThailandiomyces bisetulosus Pinruan, Sakay., K.D. Hyde & E.B.G. Jones

Notes – Pinruan et al. (2008) introduced Thailandiomyces to accommodate a single species T. bisetulosus and described its asexual morph in Craspedodidymum. Their phylogenetic analysis based on LSU and SSU sequence data showed that the genus is well-placed in Diaporthales, but differs from Diaporthe species in morphology. Suetrong et al. (2015) conducted phylogenetic analysis of Tirisporella beccariana and revealed that Thailandiomyces formed a sister clade to Tirisporella and therefore included Thailandiomyces in Tirisporellaceae. Thailandiomyces bisetulosus is distinct from other members in Tirisporellaceae by its hyaline ascospores with bipolar appendages.

Pinruan et al. (2008) showed that Thailandiomyces bisetulosus is well-positioned in Diaporthales (Sordariomycetes, Sordariomycetidae) using SSU and LSU sequence analyses (Zhang et al. 2006, Hibbett et al. 2007), but was not referred to any family. Suetrong et al. (2015) introduced Tirisporellaceae to accommodate this taxon. Thailandiomyces bisetulosus resemble the morphologies of Diaporthales, including its saprobic habitat on decaying plant material, partially- immersed ascomata, long periphysate necks, unbranched paraphyses that deliquesce early in development, unitunicate asci that float free in the centrum and asci with a refractive, J-, apical ring (Barr 1991, Samuels & Blackwell 2001).


  • Thailandiomyces bisetulosus