Ramimonilia Stielow & Quaedvl., in Crous, Schumacher, Akulov, Thangavel, Hernández-Restrepo, Carnegie, Cheewangkoon, R; Wingfield, Summerell, Quaedvlieg, Coutinho, Roux, Wood, Giraldo & Groenewald, Fungal Systematics and Evolution 3: 130 (2019)

Index Fungorum Number: IF 829429; MycoBank Number: MB 829429; Facesoffungi Number: FoF 11088.

SynonymRamimonilia Stielow & Quaedvl., Fungal Diversity 65: 155. 2014. Nom. inval., Art. 40.7 (Shenzhen).

Etymology: Name reflects the typically chained disposition of hyphae.

Colonies black in reverse, brown and hairy in obverse, pale brown in the center, becoming black near the periphery, with irregular margin. Hyphae septate, branched, with thick walls, consisting of round and chained cells with apical germination. Teleomorph unknown.

Type species – Ramimonilia apicalis Stielow & Quaedvl.