Quaeritorhiza Longcore, D.R. Simmons & T.Y. James, gen. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB 833680; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Type: Quaeritorhiza haematococci (described below). Description: Based on light microscopy: Endogenous,

monocentric sporangium with single major rhizoidal axis plus later-developing, interbiotic rhizoids; one to several broad, short or long, inoperculate discharge papillae. Zoospores spherical when in motion. Resting spores with single large lipid globule. Zoospore ultra- structure: Nucleus enclosed by aggregated ribosomes; mitochondria lie outside of ribosomal mass. One to several adjoining lipid globules; simple rumposome. Nonflagellated centriole nearly parallel and attached to the kinetosome from which extends a microtubule root to the rumposome and a splayed array of microtubules. Plug in flagellar transition zone limited to space inter- ior to microtubule doublets. Small, striated inclusion in cytoplasm. Pathogen of green algae.

Etymology: Quaeritorhiza (Latin and Greek), seeking rhizoids, in reference to the secondary rhizoids that extend to additional host cells.