Pygmaeomycetaceae E. Walsh & N. Zhang, fam. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 832250; Index Fungorum number: IF 832250; Facesoffungi number: FoF;

Typification: Pygmaeomyces E. Walsh & N. Zhang.

Diagnosis: Pygmaeomycetaceae is erected here to apply to all descendants of the node defined in the combined 18S, 28S, and RPB2 phylogeny (FIG. 2) as the terminal clade containing the genus Pygmaeomyces. Phylogenetic analyses place this as a sister group to Umbelopsidaceae   in   Umbelopsidales,   consistent with family status. Distinguished from other families in the Mucoromycotina by producing hyaline microchlamydospores.

Description: Associated with roots of plants in acidic soils. Subglobose vesicles formed from coenocytic hyaline hyphae. Microchlamydospores hyaline, globose to subglobose. Sporangia not observed. Sexual reproduction unknown.