Pseudomalbranchea Rodr.-Andr.,  Cano  &  Stchigel, gen. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB 835220; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Etymology: Recalling the morphological similarity with Malbranchea.

Diagnosis: Arthroconidia one-celled, intercalary dis- posed along unbranched vegetative hyphae, mostly enteroarthric, occasionally holoarthric, cylindrical but becoming globose with the age.

Type species: Pseudomalbranchea gemmata Rodr.- Andr., Cano & Stchigel 2021

Description: Mycelium sparse, composed of hyaline, smooth- and thin-walled septate hyphae. Asexual morph consisting of mostly enteroarthric, occasionally holoarth- ric, conidia, intercalary disposed along unbranched vege- tative hyphae, solitary or in short chains, with rhexolytic or rarely schizolytic secession. Arthroconidia one-celled, hyaline, smooth- and thick-walled, cylindrical but be- coming globose with the age. Chlamydospores, racquet hyphae and sexual morph not observed.