Podospora Ces., Hedwigia 1(15): 103 (1856)

MycoBank number: MB 4284; Index Fungorum number: IF 4284; Facesoffungi number: FoF; 72 morphological species, 2 species with sequence data (Wang et al. 2019a).

Type speciesPodospora fimiseda (Ces. & De Not.) Niessl

NotesPodospora is one of the most common of coprophilous ascomycetes genera worldwide, growing on herbivore dung (Doveri 2008b). Podospora is common in the temperate regions but is rare in the tropics (Lundqvist 1972). This genus has over 100 species epithets. The morphologically defined Podospora species are polyphyletic and distributed over at least 7 generic- or higher-level clades based on rpb2 phylogeny in Wang et al. (2019a). Among the species in Wang et al. (2019a), based on the phylogenetic analysis, only the type species and P. bulbillosum are maintained in Podospora sensu stricto (Wang et al. 2019a). Further work is required to determine the additional taxa in the genus.

Figure 205 Podospora fimiseda (redrawn from Cesati 1856). a, b Ascomata. c Immature ascus with paraphyses. d Asci. e Ascomal hairs. f Ascospores.