Piedraia hortae Fonseca & Leão, Supplemento 4(Suppl.): 124 (1928). Fig. 21

MycoBank number: MB 267365; Index Fungorum number: IF 267365; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06140.

NotesPiedraia hortae causes black piedra which is an important disease in South America, Asia and Pacific islands. We provide the drawing of Piedraia hortae in Fig. 21.

Figure 21 Piedraia hortae (redrawn from Viegas 1943). a Stroma on human hair. b Vertical section through ascoma. c Hypha on the culture. d Ascospores. e Peripilar nodules grown on hypha on culture. Scale bars: a–e = 20 μm.