Penicillago nodositata (Valla) Guevara-Suarez et al., Fungal Syst. Evol. 5: 64. 2020.

MycoBank number: MB 822074; Index Fungorum number: IF 822074; Facesoffungi number: FoF;

Basionym: Penicillium nodositatum Valla, Pl. & Soil 114: 146. 1989.

Notes: Based on sequence data, P. nodositatum was tentatively placed in synonymy with P. bilaiae by Houbraken & Samson (2011). This conclusion was drawn based on incorrect accession numbers in the CBS culture collection (Visagie et al. 2013). Visagie et al. (2013) subsequently re-examined CBS 333.90, the ex-type of P. nodositatum, and reported that this strain is related to P. kabunicum, outside Penicillium sensu stricto. Penicillago nodositata is unique in that it forms myconodules in roots of Alnus trees (Valla et al. 1989). We detected an altersolanol, cycloaspeptide A and griseofulvin in this species.